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Meraki is a passionately curated sound recording, mixing and music production studio, where our audio experts believe in pouring their heart and soul into crafting music, recording and editing with the aim of cultivating what’s best for you! Every equipment in our studio has been hand-picked by love and precision by our experts which include the state of the art, latest hardware and software. Our compact yet cozy space holds a recording room and a dynamic control room, where the magic is brewed! Apart from keeping you at the top of your game, Meraki provides a comprehensive list of services which includes but not limit to, recording, audio mixing and mastering, and sound editing.

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See who can help you, meet our team.
Siddharth Mitra
Audio Engineer
A graduate from AAT Mumbai (formerly SAE) and a freakishly ingenious mind, we don’t call Siddharth a perfectionist, just for the heck of it. He strives to achieve the impeccable and would sit in a chair for 12 hours straight, if he’s not satisfied with the output. While some call him dedicated, others think he might just be a creative maniac. He excels in drums with a Trinity Grade 4 certificate from Delhi School of Music and wouldn’t fail to show off his avid multi-instrumental knowledge across the room. In his free time, you would definitely find him chasing after some dogs and feeding them!
Arrindamm Bannerjii
Audio Engineer|Music Producer
With great power, comes great responsibility. The same goes with our audio production expert Arrindamm. Arrindamm has a keen ear when it comes to music or audio and would be more than happy to point out even the Lilliputian audio glitch and then simultaneously work on it. All thanks to his intensive and comprehensive audio engineering cogitation from SACAC, Delhi. He holds an ABRSM Grade 3 in piano and a Grade 4 certificate in Music theory. When Arrindamm is not extensively working on your project, he’s absolutely napping.

"Half of the story telling ability is sound" - Joe Herrington.


Our Pricing

"If I cannot fly, let me sing" - Stephen Sondheim

Terms and Conditions

Payments & Bookings
  • The studio rates including recording, music production, mixing and mastering are exclusive of taxes.
  • Any claims or adjustments related to the final output of the audio must be presented to us in writing or via email within 5 days of invoice date.
Studio Usage
  • We do not let our facility out for shoots.
  • The client takes full responsibility of all the people and property he or she brings into Meraki Recording Studio, and indemnifies us over any issues pertaining to copyright infringement.
  • Sessions and raw data will be handed over only after the clearing of dues.
  • We expect you to be respectful of our person and property and reserve the right to admission.

Our works

Something we are proud of

Artist - Noel Malekar
Mixing & Mastering
Client - Ixigo
Music Production
Client - We The Young
Music Production | Mixing and Mastering
Artist - Praveen Chandran
Mixing and Mastering
Artist - Noel Malekar
Mixing and Mastering
Artist - Malayika kwizera
Music Production | Mixing and Mastering
Client - Knight Pictures
Music Production
Artist - Dr Amrita Malviya
Music Production

"If music be the food of love, play on" - William Shakespeare

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Email : merakistudios01@gmail.com

Call us : 9451080021, 9554337440

Reach us at :
B98 Basement, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi-17